Outcome-based education — A transition to student-centric learning.

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Outcome-Based Education is a developing trend in many nations and institutions’ modern and twenty-first-century schools, colleges, and universities. Currently, the majority of instructors teach in traditional classroom settings that are largely “teacher-centered” or use preset curricula. OBE is a transition toward “Students-Centered” classrooms that place an emphasis on learning outcomes. Traditional instructors must acquire a plethora of new information and abilities in order to teach in accordance with the desired learning goals.

Teachers and educational administrators will need to acquire new methods and approaches in order to prepare for world-class quality.

Now, let’s take a look at some of these new approaches.

More emphasis on the development of cognitive skills leads to better Learning Outcomes.

Cognitive skills are the mechanisms through which your brain remembers, reasons, retains attention, solves problems, thinks, reads, and learns. Cognitive skills assist in processing new information by distributing it to the right parts of the brain. When that information is needed later, the brain employs cognitive abilities to retrieve and use it.

Cognitive learning, as opposed to the traditional classroom style of learning, relies on prior knowledge. It teaches you to reflect on the content and relate it to prior knowledge in order to learn more effectively. This not only makes cognitive learning a more effective method of learning, but it also makes you a better learner in the long run.

When we understand how cognitive skills fit into everyone’s learning process, we can see how crucial they are — which leads to another key truth: cognitive skills can change! That’s correct, regardless of age, cognitive abilities, learning skills, fundamental skills, and learning tools can all be developed, reinforced, and advanced.

Teachers who help students grow their cognitive skill levels as well as learn new tasks will have better learning outcomes in the classroom.

Develop and implement technological tools to improve participation and learning outcomes.

Today’s technology has the potential to break down the obstacles and restrictions that have long frustrated educators while also providing kids with the new abilities they will need to flourish in the twenty-first century.

Educators are looking for innovative methods to improve student results in this new era of education when kids want classrooms to use the same technology that they use in their daily life.

Here are some facts proving this:

  • A cellphone is owned by 56% of youngsters aged 8 to 12.
  • According to 74% of instructors, educational technology is a motivation for students.
  • 77 percent of parents agree that tablet use improves children’s learning and creativity.

We may deduce from these findings that technology functions as a catalyst for change.

How can you help your students learn more effectively? The simple approach is to make their information interactive! Students today have grown up with the Internet, which gives instant access to a plethora of material in a variety of formats, including video, audio, and text.

These children are growing up in an interactive environment, and they see learning through that perspective. To become a smart school with next-generation technologies in classrooms, educators must implement new interactive techniques based on the newest technology into their classes.

In conclusion, developing a digitally enhanced interactive learning environment is the ideal answer for attracting students’ attention, engaging them, increasing retention rates, and assisting them in performing better.

The Quiklrn outcome-based education module makes all the difference.

It is designed to fit the specific demands of the institution by integrating established techniques and cutting-edge technological solutions via built-in processes, secure data access, and end-user experience. Quiklrn also helps institutes with their NAAC evaluations and accreditation in the following ways.

Quiklrn’s features include online forms, questionnaires, dashboards, evaluation reports, surveys, performance assessments, compliance standards, site visit management, meeting registration, file management and sharing, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

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-Saloni Jindal





Quiklrn is a Learning services company. The cloud-based (SaaS) platform offers Personalized Learning for students and OBE (CO-PO) attainment for institutions.

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