Reduce administrative work at your institution -An end-to-end solution.

Academic administration is a department within a university or college that is responsible for the maintenance and supervision of the institution. The shift to online education has caused the teaching faculty to do a lot more than their jobs worth; faculty should concentrate on teaching, research, and industry collaborations. They are, however, restricted by administrative responsibilities.

According to the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) research, just 19.1% of a teacher’s annual school hours are spent on teaching. In contrast, 42.6 percent is spent on ‘non-teaching core tasks.’ School administration and other education department-related duties took up about 38.3% of the time.

Some of the most important broad administrative tasks at academic institutions include:

  • Admissions, academic operations such as recruiting, promotion, tenure, and evaluation.
  • Maintenance of official records, maintenance and audit of financial flows and records, and monitoring student and faulty data like performance, attendance, and learning insights.
  • Course enrollments and the development of effective communication and evaluation strategies.
  • Tracking and mapping course and program results. In the accreditation process, accurately assessing and tracking course outcomes that connect to the overall program outcome is critical.
  • Building course materials and curriculum.
  • Compiling a report on all teaching and learning activities in a specific course may be utilized for future improvements.

What is the need to streamline administrative work?

The shift to online education has caused the teaching faculty to do a lot more than their jobsworth, and faculty should concentrate on teaching, research, and industry collaborations. They are, however, restricted by administrative responsibilities.

Technology has the ability to simplify and minimize administrative burden expenses. When used correctly, technology may reduce administrative overhead and operations. Streamlining your administrative procedures will guarantee that you never waste time on time-consuming, crucial tasks, allowing you to focus on the institute’s success and growth.

Using data and insights to create an evidence-based learning environment is critical to enhancing an institution’s operations. Instead of creating this atmosphere, administrators should focus on using this evidence to improve learning outcomes.

Remember that wearing several hats isn’t always feasible, especially as your organization develops. Using automated software or outsourcing to a professional team of administrators will enhance your flexibility, visibility and allow you to focus on what you do best — impart knowledge.

At Quiklrn we help institutes and faculty improve learning outcomes and significantly streamline administrative efforts.

How does the Quiklrn LMS streamline administrative work?

Quiklrn e-learning platform has built-in features for institutes to drive outcome-based education for courses. Quiklrn streamlines and automates data collection for academic operations by using templates.

Some of the features are:

  • Automate repetitive data collection and updating operations that are done regularly. Quiklrn has a centralized attendance management system, maintains an audit trail for multiple evaluation techniques, and documents student learning insights to identify slow and quick learners.
  • Attainment of course outcomes at the student and batch levels is computed automatically. Program completion and program-specific outcomes are calculated.
  • Creating an efficient communication route for events, attendance, evaluations, and circulars, which in turn keeps all stakeholders up to date on the semester’s progress.
  • Faculty can use the Quiklrn platform’s templates to standardize course files across all courses. Based on all of the teaching-learning-assessment activities completed during the semester, course files are automatically produced according to the templates. It is also possible to add course-specific objects. The course file can be downloaded as an accreditation audit supporting document.
  • Students’ course feedback can be recorded by faculty and used to make a list of strategies for bridging the performance gap.
  • Teachers are guided by creating different types of assessments matched to COs, question banks, and assessment instruments that may be used both on and off the web and the monitoring of student performance.

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-Saloni Jindal



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